Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thinking that 2010 will be the last full year.

My husband and I have been thinking a great deal about "retirement". There are so many things we would like to do that schedules we now keep do not permit. He turns sixty this summer and I am younger. We have saved, but not nearly the amount that most say we should.What is the point? My dad stopped his regular job near his sixtieth, and my mother never had a job outside of the house. They continued to accumulate wealth in different ways.
The day to day... What we have in our household is an excess of creativity sitting inside the house, unable to go outside because of schedules.
How do people multi task their creativity. They can think about their full time jobs, volunteer full time and still work in wood or at the sewing machine. Personally, I don't know how they do it. I simply cannot do it!
After my husband's surgery last year and the year of recovery, things have come more into perspective. We do need to take time out to really enjoy what we have to offer.
I love to sew- not clothing, but quilts. It has been a VERY long time. I no longer know the jargon nor do I have a good machine to work on. Not the best at putting colors together, I would really enjoy working with a friend to put thought together and me doing the labor.
Hand sewing is also a passion. Embroidery in college was a way to work though times that had strange hours. Not cross stitch- that does not do it for me.
Scott is excellent with wood. He, unlike me, has been collecting things for his mission for many years. It is set up, and now it needs wood. Personally, I would enjoy being the finisher for him- learning to polish and upholster what he makes.
We simply have grown away from our first joys. This time here, learning how to live again, has been the growth that brings us to the conclusion that we need to get back to it all.
Not sure if I will sign a contract to teach next year yet, I do see my gifts there as well. Teaching is a never ending thankless position. It takes all of my mind and heart and exhausts me.
My plans are to finish my Masters and then evaluate if I can use it in a different line within teaching. PeaceCorps, Mission work...we really don't need much to survive we have found. Age is becoming a barrier.
And then there is always the thought of being around for our children.
So much to do.
I am thinking the year 2010 or 11 may be the time to just get out and get going!
BTW- these are not our work- but maybe something like them will be in a few years!


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Michelle said...

Lots to ponder. Obviously you've given this much consideration. Even though I'm not a public school teacher, I can definitely understand and am grateful for all the time, energy and especially the gift of yourself that you pour into your students.

I'll be praying for you and Scott as you discern what to do in the future.