Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Walking and thinking

I wish I knew how to golf.
Golf tends to be a sport of walking and thinking- sometimes discussing. It is you and a few out in God's place- just walking and thinking. Sure you plan your next hit-but that does not seem to be the point. The greens, the tress, the time to just think and walk.
Golf is the sport of business. You get out on the links and just have time to talk and think. Until recently you could be quite alone with your friends or associates. I am betting people feel that they have to take their cell phones with them these days...it interfers.
This time of year you get to enjoy that great Vit. D(of which I am so defficiant) and the changing trees. It puts things into perspective: your life, your family, your envirnoment. I don't know why I never saw that before now. Golf was always the "rich man's sport" - but I think men, more than women, in the past have needed a good excuse to get outside without huge competition.
Tennis is taken up on sides, swimming is alone, baseball is alone within a group and then a party after. Yup, golf will be my next game. I plan on taking it up in the spring after the golf course thaws:>) I should talk my "kids" into learning as well. I think we could all use some walk and think time.

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