Sunday, October 25, 2009

When you are down- there is always an up

The weather is changing into winter. You can always count on spring.
The kids are wild. You can always count on a good reading day to calm them down.
The polls are saying the country is ending, You can always count on American inginuity to pull them out.
I am waiting patiently. Things are coming soon.
Universal health care in some form.
Employment in new fields in areas that are attempting to grow instead of staying stagnent.
And people to see that all of the nay saying does nothing but depress people.
It is time to pick up your crying mats- quit giving the nay sayers money and move on.
Some will stay behind- wringing their hands and claiming the country has gone to hell in a handbag.
Heck, it went there years ago.
I am riding the wave of tomorrow. Changing what I need to in order to put my life in balance.
Isn't it nice to finally have a moral person in charge?


Elena said...

Moral people don't let babies die nor seek to legalize their murder and destruction in the uterus.

Anonymous said...

the smile on the little one reminds me of your beautiful smile - so full of joy - she sure loves her daddy :)

Anonymous said...

and just when I hit some of my lowest points they have come up with a possible path to treatment - "there is always an up"

and how 'bout that Market!

Janette said...

The market is UP!
That is a high point these days.
Two papers done tonight and the third one is started.
I need some sleep!