Monday, November 16, 2009

It is good to see you Sarah Palin!

I caught glimpses of Palin on different shows this weekend. Not home in time for Oprah-but would have liked to see the interview.
I stopped watching her on TV after the Couric interview- it was so bad. Katie, obviously, was willing to do whatever it took to twist Sarah. Disappointing. I haven't watch Couric since- and probably never will again.
Finally, I am beginning to see the Palin that others rave about in person. She did not stop in my area (who did?) so I knew no one who had heard her first hand. I am anxious to read her book. I am even more anxious for her to stretch out and learn more. I think she could be an excellent role model.
And next time- don't run with John McCain!

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Anonymous said...

really? I am curious as to what you see in her. - c