Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It was a wonderful day to be

a teacher!
The field trip was excellent.
The hour of 11 year olds telling silly jokes in the van was the best part.
Sitting in a warm van with kids who just needed to talk and chill was a smooth second.
The gulls, the walking (including watching the "macho boys trying not to get their shoes dirty) and the kindness of strangers at lunch time....
Yes, it was a wonderful day.
Even the last minute website presentation for my fellow teachers went well.
I promise bison pictures soon!
I will miss rock, paper, sissors if I leave.


Renee said...

I enjoy field trips with my 11yo esp since it tends to just be her and I. the teens are too busy and John doesn't want to go if James isn't going.

Christina said...

Me too!!! :)