Sunday, November 29, 2009

My first post- Jan 3, 2006

Hard to believe it has been almost four years!

"Until I visited Alaska I never really understood that a sky can be the "sky blue" in the crayon box. There I was stuck in a place between Fairbanks and Palmer looking at the sky. It was blue, but not regular blue. I lived in Northern Arizona. I know what "blue sky" looks like. But there I was seeing, for the first time, "sky blue". What an amazing color. It is actually exhilarating.

Think of a whipped blue as pale as it can get and then suddenly a splash of dark blue thrown in.It was actually warming a day that was probably about -10.I thought, after my trips to Alaska ceased, I would never experience that color again. I think it was just so unpolluted there I could see the REAL "sky blue". I was to be surprised.
Yesterday I was out walking on our small farm- and there it was- "sky blue". I have not lived in Kansas this time very long, but I have already come to appreciate the many things that brought us back here after 15 years away. The geese gathering to fly south, the kids bounding up our drive to see if the sledding hill was ready, the sunset out my kitchen window and now "sky blue". Moving back to Kansas was a good move. "

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