Wednesday, December 09, 2009

let's be quite clear

My stand on the Middle East/ Western Asia is pretty different than most Americans can understand. After living in a middle eastern oil rich country, one becomes pretty aware that our country is considered the France of old- they use us as mercenaries to their satisfaction and we get oil in return.
We finally have a President who GETS IT!
The "Presidents" of said countries would like to keep us there forever to support their unsupportable regimes. We should not have been there to begin with. The attackers on 9/11 were SAUDI.
Now that we have stepped all over the region and the bleeding hearts have seen all the uneducated and impoverished people (don't they see that Africa is much the same?), we have to mop up. Unfortunately, mopping up come at the expense of putting my son's life on the line.
The President laid it out straight- we will do as much as we can in 18 months and then GET OUT! It is a warning to those in charge that if their people do not see a change in them in 18 months then they will probably have to seek refuge elsewhere (I am hoping France).
I feel that we were totally lied to by the Bush administration who thought they could change the world by offering democracy to a land that is dominated by tribes and dictators. Didn't work in the US in the 1850's with the tribes- "had" to wipe them out and move them around to get what the white people wanted. Seems that was the Bush plan. Cheney and Rumsfield ruined the United States. They messed over the military as well. I am beginning to think that Bush was as naive as he appeared- and then in a mess.
Sure, the Republicans are capable of talking a good talk when it comes to abortion. That they did very little about it in their reign is regrettable. Maybe I would admire them more- but they didn't.
Bush came in claiming NOT to nation build- but all of OUR money is in Iraq. A big part of surge is to PAY the people NOT to fight us. I voted for him because he was not going to nation build. He ended up building their economy and defeating our ecomony in exchange. You cannot give out a million dollars in one villiage in Iraq and not expect it to come out of your budget in the long run.

At least Obama has a plan. At least he is forthright in talking about it. He understands that the people in the Middle East are not interested in being colonies of the US. He has finally said it out loud and maybe, hopefully, they are listening. I hate that we are in the Middle East one more minute than we have to be. Unfortunately, most of us drive to work and heat our houses- all with dictator and war torn oil.
What is that ring on your finger- diamond? Is it a blood diamond? Well, that is a different story.

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