Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What does retirement look like?

Neither of us plan on hitting our Social Security or our IRAs for quite a while. Retirement simply means to not have the nine to five position that we currently have (actually 7:30 to 4).Driving to the office/school and working at a desk (or standing in front of a room).
Instead we would like to do our own thing.
My husband plans on wood working - and keeping care of the property. There are trees to prune, fields to mow and gardens to tend. All of those are being done now- but on the weekend in a hurry. I don't know if my husband will ever sell anything he makes when he finally accepts taht he can play with wood full time. I suspect that his plans are to make every stick of furniture that our children and grandchildren will need....
My plan is to tutor, on line, overseas. I may continue teaching, but in a school that only needs me part time. My best days of Catholic school were when I only had to be there three hours a day. I would also like to be available to pitch hit if my daughter decides to homeschool or my grandchildren have bumps in the school road.
Both of us get bored of full time travel, or full time playing. Retirement is simply working for ourselves in a more relaxed manner.

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