Friday, January 08, 2010

Deep freeze

-1 at the back door
0 at the front door
Wind was whipping all night
Our students would be better off in school today- but I am glad to be by my space heater blogging.

On another note.
I totally understand where Sen Dodd is coming from.
Although I have never really appreciated his politics, I know his constituents voted him in time after time.
And now it is time to go.
He feels it is time to realign his life.
He states that two friends have died recently.
The year that dad, Paul, Ron and Sue all died, just before Jennifer got married, was a reality jolt for us. We started to be realistic about our age and what we want to do after the jobs are gone. We began to save like crazy people.
We cut back our lifestyle and concentrated a bit more on staying in touch with our children.
We now have a few more friends in scary spots. I know this is what the future holds.
Grandchildren, love, death, divorce, stability. We are trying to prepare.
Next step- finding a good place of worship.


Renee said...

A good place of worship will probably not be a perfect place to worship.
I think sometimes about going to other parishes but doing so would mean leaving my moms' group, leaving youth group for the kids.... so while there are imperfections about my parish, I'll stick around and try to be a light

Janette said...
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Janette said...

Trying again.
Ever since I was told that I am not in a sacramental marriage my perspective changed on the Church. I have decided that I can find community elsewhere and now I need to start looking. If I cannot fully be a part- I don't want to be a fringe.
I need to begin to look for a real Christian Community. The hole is too great not to fill it.

Elena said...

I don't know who told you that your marriage was not sacramental, but if you and your spouse are both baptized, it is a sacramental marriage.

If your spouse was not baptized the marriage is still considered valid and you are still able to participate fully in the sacraments, as you no doubt have done for years.

If you were married in the church surely this could not have been a surprise to you?

Janette said...

Bahhhha- YOU did the research. You proved that I am not in a sacramental marriage. I continued to look into it for the last three (or so) years and slowly seperated myself from the Church.
I was glad to know. Why beat yourself over the head when your life is not welcome?
There is no way I am leaving my marriage. My husband has no intention of being baptised since he has no belief. He also has no interest in going back and redoing botched paperwork.In my heart I feel Catholic- but I do not think I can go the next 50 years faking that I am if I am not able to recieve the Eucharist. I desprately need community to worship the Lord.
Now I am looking around for an actual Christian Community. I figure God will figure it out in the end. My obligation to raise my children Catholic is nearing the end. What they do with the faith I nurtured is their spritual path at this point. I will never discourage- and always encourage- their Catholic faith.
Maybe I will look again at the Catholic Church IF my marriage gets to the point that we are willing to redo paperwork- but we are not there now and probably won't be for a while.
The Catholic Church offers little community here anyway...some of the other Churches have stepped into the traditional Catholic role.

Elena said...

I think it would just be easier to go talk to your local pastor. But to be clear, even if the marriage isn't sacramental, it's still considered valid - and clearing up paper work might not be as big a deal as you think depending on the diocese.

I guess it's a matter of priorities.

But it's not the church forcing you out, shutting you out, or asking you to leave. Sounds like you're doing that on your own.

Janette said...

You cannot have it both ways Elena. You cannot have a Church that is pure and the expectation that all who receive Eucharist is within Her arms- and have people receiving who know they are not.
I have done the leg work. My paperwork was incorrectly done. My marriage is not sacramental and really, in the eyes of the Church, not valid. It is not a Christian marriage because certain aspects were overlooked. It is difficult to redo these things. I have checked. My pastor is not willing to work through them with me unless we start completely over- which my husband totally disagrees with.
Why is this so difficult for you? If a person is not a part and they choose to continue what takes them away- then they should not be a part. I could go to Mass without the Eucharist- but I am unwilling to do that. It is a small town and it would be more than uncomfortable. It would actually set me apart in a very different way and I would be less able to serve.
Instead, I will find a community to serve and worship with. I am not negative on the Catholic Church-and will not bash it. I am NOT a cafeteria anything- it is all or nothing.
I think I have been through enough that God will take it into consideration, If He doesn't than I shook the dice and lost. I am hoping He is the loving God that I have believed in all of my life. My faith has not changed- only the practice of that faith. It is possible to be within the hands of the Lord and be a good Christian without being Catholic. I need community.

Janette said...

And no my loving sister in law...I will not be becoming LDS:>)

Elena said...

John 6:68 springs to mind.

Janette said...

If you cannot partake- you are not included.