Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The difference between the liberal Democratic congress and the rest of us in the middle

I get it. People need reasonable changes. The Democratic congress does NOT get it.

I have to laugh at the people who simply do not get that if you voted for Obama, you didn't, overnight become a flaming liberal Democrat. We live in a state that practices what I preach, basic people to people politics. My congressmen/women are all Republican.
Some of the people I hear the most from live in a state known for their liberal leanings.... to each her own.
All politics is local.

What a mess.

The thing is- from what I hear- it will not be JUST the Democrats losing seats in the fall. All senior people will be up for the block. The problem is .... how can people run without a party in this vast system?

As for the race in Mass- I love it. It is fitting that a former male nude model makes his way into the Senate representing a "Catholic" state. You go Mass!

As for Obama. I am looking forward to many more Republicans being in the legislature. They could gain majority and give Obama the give and take that is SUPPOSED to be in Congress. It might even be up to them to open the debates to the cameras(which Obama misspoke by telling people would happen. Only the majority party can do that.)
Republicans did it under Clinton. They passed some excellent welfare reform at that time. Maybe health care is on its way- next year. I sure hope it is not dead.

But I have to admit- my health care stocks are doing gang busters and the debate will not touch where I live (military) for many years to come:>)

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