Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Our team inherited a student at the beginning of the semester.
He is a pistol!
Classified gifted, with a mouth that will not stop.
So far, the mouth is not "dirty" and he is a bit hyper- but he seems good enough.
I guess the other team could not handle that gifted often walk to a different beat- and this kid's beat is all over the place.
Tomorrow I argue for him NOT to be put into a different classification. That classification would make him more "SPED" and gifted would be secondary.
No way!
I am not going to let this hot potato be put back in the ground!!!!
We need LOTS more smart people doing good things. This kid can be trained.
Honey works so much better than punishment!
He may drive us crazy- but he doesn't know who is now on his team!
LOL- he may want to go back to the other team where he just got punished but did not have to work before the year is out.
No way!
Once he is ours----we OWN him! HeeeHeee Heee
PS- a few prayers for the taming process are solicited at this time:>)


Renee said...

So glad he found his way to your team. I know you will guide him in the right direction

Anonymous said...

WTG Janette!!! I really appreciate how you stand up for what is best for the kiddos!!

Janette said...

:>) OK- they are right- team 2 rules-lol.