Thursday, January 07, 2010


Our children have been wandering in and out of our house for the last seven years. I always used to laugh because they ALWAYS brought their laundry.
My son would arrive from West Point with shirts that had been stuffed in a locker somewhere for months. They needed a quick wash and were ready to go.
My daughter arrived home from camp or college or work- with mounds of grim. Several washes later they were done.
We would chuckle at the loads and get going.
Most of my friends still say "UGG!" when the laundry arrives with the adult child. Then off we all go to sit and occasionally fold while laundry is being done.
None of us do the laundry for our kids-but we get to enjoy them being in the house for several hours for the wash and drying. They usually sat through a meal and a chat before they were off to their next adventure.
It is a way to stay connected and still let them become the adults that God intends for them to be. It is an easy connection time.
I did the same to my mother. One time I arrived from DC with a baby and toddler in tow- and two bags filled with laundry that I had not had time to do. I was so relieved that I did not have to do it at the laundry mat!
I never really thought of the expense of doing laundry at my parent's house. I did the laundry and my mom got to know her grandchildren during the spin cycle.
When my "children" and my "child's family" left this time it was with clean laundry. The clothes that they had to have when they returned to their homes were ready. I did not do the laundry, but always benefited from the chat time that the dryer cycle allowed me.

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