Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have been following Ruth's blog for a very long time. Before blogs we argued about theology and chatted about children. The idea for sharing links is a good one.
Here are a few blogs I follow regularly:
Patty leads you through her joys and sorrows of being a "plain woman" in a modern world. I enjoy her stories, poetry and photos!

Some of the blogs I follow have already been mentioned-D'Etta, Carrie, Renee and Michelle I read as soon as they post. All are bloggers and have become on line friends over the years. Many of the blogs have slowed down- like Cathy's, Teresa's and Ann's .

I find myself daily at: get rich slowly and Frugal dad to find out if my financial life can be helped- lol.

When I need an extra lift I head to Churches of Venice or any of the slow traveler blogs. Heavier theology reading? Amy.
There are many others- but that is a good start!

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