Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

It has taken me three full days to unwind. Tomorrow I head to Fort Lewis to see my son. After speaking to him this morning, I am anticipating many hours to cook and clean- since he will be flying most of the time I am there. That is OK. I need to do something for him.
My delight is to see an old friend. We traveled together a great deal in my "Saxon" days. We both returned to the classroom. It will be good to compare notes.
Maybe some time away will give me the lift that I need to write again- for something other than my classes. Somehow, I doubt it.
Books for the plane:
The Death and Life of the Great American School System
The Midnight House
The Lion's Gate
I am also taking my ipod - which I have not listened to in months. I think it is time for music again in my life!


Renee said...

Enjoy the time with your son

Kimberly said...

Enjoy your time with your son. I wish you relaxation and calm so you may return renewed.

Cindy said...

Janette, I hope you have a great time visiting your son! I am sure that he will appreciate your cooking and cleaning, as well as appreciate your being there!

I love when I get to visit my grown kids. We always have a good time together too. I too cook and clean when I go visit them and they are thankful. I am heading to Dallas tomorrow for one of those visits.

Have a relaxing Spring Break!