Sunday, May 16, 2010

Husband's retirement

Barn full of wood working tools----Check
Small yappy dog and big wimpy dog for company----Check
List of Emergency numbers----Check
No mortgage----Check
Both children employed-----sort of Checked
Yard in need of full time care----Double Checked!
Less than a week on the count down calendar----Check
The enjoyment of seeing a husband happy-----the best check ever
We are ready to rumble!


Renee said...

are these things checked off since military retirement or 2nd retirement?

Janette said...

He left the military about 13 years ago. We figured out that we had not saved enough after the first year- so he has worked on and off since that. This time he did five years with civil service (four, then a break for his hip, and then one more).That was the main reason for moving to Kansas- he could find a position here.He was not even looked at other places.
We banked his salary so now we feel pretty secure in retirement. I am staying at my position for one year to secure the odds and ends. (Anyway- no matter how much I complain- I love my job).
It will feel good to finally say, "enough"- although he is a bit sad that this means he is really old enough to do so....

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Nice to see you included your dogs. (I'm from Kansas, but am now a happy Texan)