Monday, June 21, 2010

The rain does come

Nightly, the rain blows in. The trees act as if they are tiny twigs- snagging, twisting and breaking. Grass lays down so the river of water can reach the ravine without hesitation. Darkness of the night is only broken by the small solar lights on the porch. The small dog huddles next to my husband as the big dog grunts that she is not allowed on the bed. She tries to fit under, but alas her head is the only part that will fit.
I slip out of bed to watch the play. Standing behind a large window, the same one that brings the outdoors in to me daily, it feels so surreal.
Wild fires on the mountains in Flagstaff filled the front window of our old house. Typhoons out the window in Hong Kong. Sandstorms in Saudi. Storm view have been a part of my adulthood. Maybe I choose to view because I could never see the storm coming or be safe in a storm in my childhood.
The storm will pass and sleep will overtake once again. Safe. Home.

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