Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

1253 miles

That is the distance I traveled in the last two days
My tush is tired
Time to go for a WALK!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Mexico it is Siesta

Here we call it
Nap time
The little guy is on the go from the moment he awakes
"Good Morning, Nana" holding my cheeks in his hand
Off we go
A day of play
Grandchildren are a blessing because
I have no need to do anything
more important
than watch him play
and sleep
Naptime over!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Element hotel

For those of you who travel
We are staying at the Element hotel near my son in law's post
It is reported to be green- and looks that way
Sleek and in good shape, I don't smell anything
It has a small galley kitchen on the wall across from the beds
The only down side is
just a shower
tends to be a problem for traveling with a toddler.
OK- he is almost three
and he is fun- no matter where we are!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Conversation with the bank

"I was wondering why my savings account has a warning that
if I have more than six withdrawals I will be charged."
"It is part of the new law mam.
BUT if your withdrawals are with an ATM card
there is no charge."
"I don't have an ATM card."
"Did you lose yours? I could issue a new one."
"No, I am sure it is here...somewhere.
We do not use them."
long pause
"Yup, got in trouble my freshman year of college,
an over draft,
that was it for me!"
long pause
"How about your debit card?"
"Nope, don't believe in those either."
me- "yes, it was about 30 years ago".
"Wow! Amazing."
Long pause
She gained composure and then said,
"well, if there is anything else I can do for you-
but probably not-
Seems you have things well under control."


The Drive Home

Car travel was what
my family did
when we wanted some joy or settling.
The journey home continues to be important to me.
Yesterday, a sibling traveled to the
mountains to end his journey with
his marriage.
Wednesday, I journey with
my child's car to help them start over
Tough stuff .
The journey is important though
The roads that our country provides
are windows on the world.
My dad once said
that the windshield protects so we can
safely view the world.
My prayers are for a safe journey
for all those involved
in these their adventures.
Photo by TRM

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Smithsonian project

Military Service

Essential Question:
What are the rights of a citizen?

Explain Romans established that one of the highest rights was the right to serve in the military- with leading others only reserved to actual full citizens.

-3/5 citizenship for African America- not allowed to be paid while serving as soldiers unless great need, not allowed to lead (The law of 1792, which generally prohibited enlistment of blacks in the Army became the United States Army's official policy until 1862.)
-In order to have enough people for the union army Lincoln permitted AA to join and be paid
Were not allowed to lead until after the war
Lt. Henry O. Flipper served in the 10th cavalry and was the first Black to receive a commission and graduate from West Point.
- Buffalo soldiers Charles Young became a colonel in 1916 and commanded Fort Huachuca, Arizona in 1916-1917. He was the first African American to achieve the rank of Colonel.
Following the Civil War, the Army disbanded volunteer “colored” regiments, and established six Regular Army regiments of black troops with white officers. In 1869, the infantry regiments were reorganized into the 24th and 25th Infantry. The two cavalry regiments, the 9th and 10th, were retained. These regiments were posted in the West and Southwest where they were heavily engaged in the Indian War. During the Spanish-American War, all four regiments saw service.

-Became officers in WWI
Served as equals only under French command
Still unequal and discriminated under US command
What does the pen and ink of the African American in the picture tell you?

African-American soldiers played a significant role in World War II. More than half a million served in Europe. Despite the numbers they faced racial discrimination: prior to the war the military maintained a racially segregated force. In studies by the military, blacks were often classified as unfit for combat and were not allowed on the front lines. They were mostly given support duties, and were not allowed in units with white soldiers.
Retired U.S. Army Colonel Bill De Shields, a historian and founder of The Black Military History Institute of America in Annapolis, Maryland, says, "The symbol of black participation at that time was 'the Double V'. in other words, 'Double V' meant two victories: victory against the enemy abroad, and victory against the enemy at home. The enemy at home of course being racism, discrimination, prejudice and Jim Crow."
Despite orders from President Harry Truman in 1948 to integrate the U.S. military, black soldiers were still kept in separate units during the Korean War, which lasted until 1953.

What does the Painting of soldiers in WWII tell you?

the third picture is the one of Obama by Fairey. The stylized one- sorry I cannot show it. We have permission to use it for the exhibit-but the Washington Post owns it.

- Today- President Obama as Commander and Chief....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why does a turtle cross the road?

In the last few weeks a turtle has crossed our
driveway about the same time of day.
I thought it was the same one
Today's turtle proved different.

Instead of hunkering down and waiting
for the lift to the grass
(which I provide),
he scurried to get away.
I lifted him anyway
and off he went.
No dust on his feet!

Ten Days Until Play Time

We are ALL ready! Bring him on!

The balance

It is a quick balance to find out where you stand.
Life continues up and down
if you can get to that balance you can catch the view.

The green out my window after a few days of rain

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Working through REITS. The risk seems pretty high still, higher than stocks in my mind. I can see if a certain product is being sold or marketed, but real estate investment- not so much. I "hear" that is coming back- but it doesn't seem like it. People are gaining jobs again, but local businesses are still lean. I hear it in Phoenix, Vegas and even here.
Trying to balance a portfolio for retirement is harder than I thought. Sometimes I need to step back and see that half of my investments are already in real estate- my house and land.
Now, if my friend goes into farming full time- that is something I could invest in.


Today the rains came.
So refreshing.
The turtles and squirrels scurried across the driveway after the ground was wet.
I am sure they were happy not to have burnt pads.
Finally it is 70 at night, not 85.
Ah- July rains

Presidents and their net worth

Although I find the living Presidents to be less informational because they have not yet realized their full income, this is a good article.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Traveling child

A long car ride
A simple camera
The foot says it all-
ready to touch the earth again!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Time spent with loved ones
Is time well spent
There joy in watching teens turn to twenties
Children become adults
Adults listen to the next generation
A simple game of Catch Phrase on a rainy forest afternoon
It was

I got my fill

I had many conversations with a dear friend while at home this week.
The fear that has been infused into her is so sad.
She is so fearful about Obama.
When it came to late at night she finally admitted that her
ultimate fear
was that "he is Muslim".

What brings a person of kindness to question
basic faith of another?
The fear is destroying her!

It really was sad.
I know many of Islam who are truly wonderful people.
Isn't this country BASED on freedom of religion.
Even if he WERE Islamic-
what difference should that make if his intent
is the good of the country as he sees it?
Aren't some of the greatest atrocities of time put
forth in the name of a religion-
but not of the religion?

And how does someone judge another's heart.
Obama has declared, publicly, for Christ.
But she does not like his old pastor.
Heck, her own pastor supports sanctuary for illegals
(another hot topic for her)!
My own Christian identity has been questioned
because I choose to believe there is a better way
than fear mongering and hate.

Many of the mongering predictions have not come true.
That does not seem to make a difference.

We are on better terms after the weekend.
We agree that it is still the greatest country on the earth.
She understands that I never have fully supported
any politician that I have voted for.
There is always something I do not agree with.

She heard me as I stated that I look at
all of the information and vote for those closest to my beliefs
(knowing that all leaders do not have the same job).
I vote for the person, not the party.
I need to be optimistic about our future-
my daughter is raising my mother's great grand child.

Most of all, we have come to agreement that
it is not ours to judge a faith.
That alone belongs to God.
As my father said,
"Those who wear their religion on their sleeve
will have a difficult time
justifying their snobbery to God."
I believe that those who wear religion on their sleeve
for political gain
drive many more away from God than draw to.

Sam's club

My daughter and son in law are moving in
while they transition to their new life.
To be honest, we cannot be more delighted!
I hope to Zumba with my daughter
and play games with the grandchild.
My husband hopes to get our son in law to help him
with the playhouse that is in ill repair.
What has this got to do with Sam's club?
August 6-8th are "free Sam's Club" days.
We have little need for Sam's club.
With only the two of us, we do not buy in bulk.
The commissary is nearby. We rarely stray.
With three more at the table, we could use a bit of bulk buying.
It is off to Sam's Club for some shopping.
Works out well.
My last regular paycheck is in August!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What is the world coming to?

What ever we dream it may become.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Time to pack the bags,
go to the airport,
get on the plane.
I used to love to travel
now I loth trying to get there.
I'd rather go by car
or train.
Those airplanes just make me ill in the summer
or winter or spring or fall.
The reward is seeing the family.
It is worth it.
See you in a few days baby boy!

Online schooling

My masters classes are on line, unlike my last program that was fully in person. I read an article how some masters programs and even some good bachelor programs are beginning to refuse on line courses. I can honestly see why.
I tend to work my tush off no matter what the class. Reading all of the articles, on line discussion and journals. My papers have been about the same on and off line. (Yes, I do know how to formally write a great five paragraph essay.) Still, it is not the same on line as in a classroom. My finding is that most on line students are " checking the block". Their discussions are lame, at best. They do not get to the gist of an argument. In the classroom we were embarrassed if we had not read the materials or knew how to intelligently comment to another student. There was the pressure to have information at the tip of your fingers instead of, "I have until midnight to google and give what I think the professor wants".
Talk about grade inflation.
I am unsure that a student on line gets near what they need from a university course- even a junior college course. University is about trading ideas- not learning a skill.
There are great universities out there- most with very good endowments. It saddens me when people think they are priced out of the market- holpucky!
I am old fashioned. I think everyone should be taught to think on their feet and meet people who disagree with them.
This last class was on technology in the classroom.The conclusion that I made, after reading about 400 pages and reviewing on line articles, was what makes our country the BEST educational system is that we expect people to think in the end. You can have all of the technology in the world- but if you don't know what to DO with it or how to move it forward- you will never be better than the rest. When other countries have good thinkers- they send them to the US to think with the best.
University is NOT about a skill- it is about thinking.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

It might not be perfect- but it is still the best coutry

Whining about how awful the country has gotten is getting old.
If you are interested in it being better, be part of the change.
Our churches need greeters,
voters need to be at the polls,
our schools need supporters,
our colleges need both sides to be talking.
So many I know have encouraged their children into public service-
others call that living off of the government.
We expect so much and do so little in return.
Really, I am tired of the same old labeling-
she is a liberal,
he is a republican,
they cannot pray in school,
they supported the war....
we might as well be living in 1918!
Guess what? We are ALL Americans!
This IS the greatest time.
Our children ARE the next generation.
We ARE the leaders.
Quit whining and actually DO something POSITIVE!
Freedom is not easy.
Just like Free Will, it take responsibility.

Happy Fourth of July!