Friday, July 23, 2010

Conversation with the bank

"I was wondering why my savings account has a warning that
if I have more than six withdrawals I will be charged."
"It is part of the new law mam.
BUT if your withdrawals are with an ATM card
there is no charge."
"I don't have an ATM card."
"Did you lose yours? I could issue a new one."
"No, I am sure it is here...somewhere.
We do not use them."
long pause
"Yup, got in trouble my freshman year of college,
an over draft,
that was it for me!"
long pause
"How about your debit card?"
"Nope, don't believe in those either."
me- "yes, it was about 30 years ago".
"Wow! Amazing."
Long pause
She gained composure and then said,
"well, if there is anything else I can do for you-
but probably not-
Seems you have things well under control."



Renee said...

Is this USAA?

Janette said...


slugmama said...

Well I'm with you....I've never had or used an ATM card. I have a debit card but I don't use it(Hubs made me get it but he can't make me use
I went many yrs. trying to get a credit card and never could b/c I had no credit history....that was back before they gave you a c/c where the main criteria was that you were
We don't believe in any form of plastic money or FICO scores. We pay cash and are debt-free including the house and piling up $$$ so we can retire in between 4 & 8 yrs from now.

Just found your blog and enjoy it.