Saturday, July 17, 2010

I got my fill

I had many conversations with a dear friend while at home this week.
The fear that has been infused into her is so sad.
She is so fearful about Obama.
When it came to late at night she finally admitted that her
ultimate fear
was that "he is Muslim".

What brings a person of kindness to question
basic faith of another?
The fear is destroying her!

It really was sad.
I know many of Islam who are truly wonderful people.
Isn't this country BASED on freedom of religion.
Even if he WERE Islamic-
what difference should that make if his intent
is the good of the country as he sees it?
Aren't some of the greatest atrocities of time put
forth in the name of a religion-
but not of the religion?

And how does someone judge another's heart.
Obama has declared, publicly, for Christ.
But she does not like his old pastor.
Heck, her own pastor supports sanctuary for illegals
(another hot topic for her)!
My own Christian identity has been questioned
because I choose to believe there is a better way
than fear mongering and hate.

Many of the mongering predictions have not come true.
That does not seem to make a difference.

We are on better terms after the weekend.
We agree that it is still the greatest country on the earth.
She understands that I never have fully supported
any politician that I have voted for.
There is always something I do not agree with.

She heard me as I stated that I look at
all of the information and vote for those closest to my beliefs
(knowing that all leaders do not have the same job).
I vote for the person, not the party.
I need to be optimistic about our future-
my daughter is raising my mother's great grand child.

Most of all, we have come to agreement that
it is not ours to judge a faith.
That alone belongs to God.
As my father said,
"Those who wear their religion on their sleeve
will have a difficult time
justifying their snobbery to God."
I believe that those who wear religion on their sleeve
for political gain
drive many more away from God than draw to.


Elena said...

Even if he WERE Islamic-
what difference should that make if his intent is the good of the country as he sees it?

His intent is supposed to be the good of the country as prescribed by the constitution, NOT his personal views or "how he sees it."

Janette said...

Once again- you missed- entirely- the point of the post.

Janette said...

You parent on how you see the Bible.
He governs how he sees the Constitution.
It is your view- it is his view. I vote for the view. What do you cast your vote for? Church view of Constitution?

Elena said...

Interestingly, I have been reading the book The 5000 Year Leap. It is all about the views of the Founding Fathers which is steeped in orthodox Christianity! (despite how the modern media portrays them). So to my mind and I do not see a disconnect between the two.

Janette said...

The post was about fear mongering.....
Are you implying that the Founding Fathers fear mongered? Or that they had some connection to the Church you follow? Or the accusation that Obama isn't a Christian? Or that we do not all identify through our own views (there is no such thing as a "Constitutional view"- as many Justices have proven- from Roe to Brown to Dred Scott).
Are you saying that the founders wrote according to Orthodox Christina view? What the heck is that? The True presence, Jesus as Lord, Masons, miracles, social justice, freedom for all, community sharing?

Elena said...

Well apparently you got your fill of this thread too since you aren't allowing my comments to post and you aren't commenting on it further yourself.

I'm a busy mom with a busy life and I don't have time to keep checking back. Comments are open and available on my blog, if you want to drop by and leave a comment great. But this is a little too slow for me. Not a criticism - different strokes as it wre.

Janette said...

I simply tire of arguing the same point with you over and over.
I am a bit busy as well.
Feel free to comment or not as you wish. I feel free to publish or not as I wish (as you have been doing for months and months and months)

Janette said...

Elena replied that I was telling an untruth. Her site is NOW open for comment. I tried numerous times in the past. She knew this because I emailed her. I have not attempted in at least a month.

If you care to comment on her blog- go right ahead. Here it is: You can read about: her family (which I really enjoy) Her birth stories (which help me with my own daughter since I never went through the things she is struggling with), the pictures (which are precious and bring a smile to my face ), sometimes a good saint story (still like that) and then most the rest- which I often skip often because she is pretty mean spirited
( IMHO).
I know that some people think the same of my blog- and that is fine.

On a personal note- Elena- this is not the message board and I have no reason to argue with you. I am really over that stage- glad to let go of it.

Acquainting myself with people like you has given me a better understanding why my husband never understood religion. Leaving it all behind has made my life SO much better. You really helped me make that break and for that I am grateful.
I am also thankful that my last position presented me with Christians who are kind and loving and have helped me work through situations as I help them through theirs- a real community. So, I guess, God still loves me.

If you comment again in this area -it will not be published. Feel free to comment on another.
I am sure if you are upset enough you will blog about me in all of your kindness. again.
Nothing new- I am always wrong (childrearing, death experiences of my parent, elections,my anti abortion stance, war, peace, budgets, education....)Is there anything you agree with me on? Opps- rhetorical question.