Sunday, July 04, 2010

It might not be perfect- but it is still the best coutry

Whining about how awful the country has gotten is getting old.
If you are interested in it being better, be part of the change.
Our churches need greeters,
voters need to be at the polls,
our schools need supporters,
our colleges need both sides to be talking.
So many I know have encouraged their children into public service-
others call that living off of the government.
We expect so much and do so little in return.
Really, I am tired of the same old labeling-
she is a liberal,
he is a republican,
they cannot pray in school,
they supported the war....
we might as well be living in 1918!
Guess what? We are ALL Americans!
This IS the greatest time.
Our children ARE the next generation.
We ARE the leaders.
Quit whining and actually DO something POSITIVE!
Freedom is not easy.
Just like Free Will, it take responsibility.

Happy Fourth of July!


Elena said...

Oh I fully intend to do something positive. Starting by campaigning and working for candidates who are pro-life, pro-constitution and conservative in their approach to leading and governance. We need to clean up and clean out both houses and then take back the executive branch in 2012.

Janette said...

Maybe the Republicans can come up with someone who is ACTUALLY prolife for President this next time around. My senator and congressmen are both prolife- that is where the action is.
I liked Romney. Think that we would be even worse off if McCain had gotten in.
We shall see who actually runs and wins. I tend not to vote a party- but a person.
Looking forward to the California elections. That should tell what the mood is for change. Change I am most interested in is congressional. Maybe the steel/oil states will finally vote for people who value life instead of big industry and oil!

Elena said...

Hmm... if McCain had gotten in would we have had run away spending? would we have a real unemployment rate of almost 15%? would the economy be stagnant? would we still be fighting in Afghanistan?
would we have two potentially pro-abortion supreme court justices? would we have a deficit at this extreme? would we be facing a huge tax hike in January?

Janette said...

Runaway spending? I think the war has dug us into the ground. It is the elephant in the room. YES I KNOW we would still be in Afghanistan- heck we would still seriously be in Iraq if McCain was in. He said it over and over again.

Would unemployment in your part of the country be at 15%- probably there and higher if GM had completely gone under. It is under 6% in my area.

Would we have two POTENTIAL problem judges- sure- no one knows how a justice will rule until they hit the court- ask Reagan. Kennedy upheld Roe. So far the court is pretty conservative as it stands.

Deficit to the extreme? Ask Mr Bush and Greenspan- it was their idea. I hate debt- I don't have any.
I do know that the Bush legacy is forever a Hoover legacy. Nice guy- no overseeing. Should have stuck to his first inauguration speech "no nation building!" and getting rid of Roe decision. That is why I voted for him.

Do I know that McCain dishonored his constituency by voting how he felt- on immigration, education and welfare? Definitely. He was NOT conservative except when it came to ear marks- losing the state two major bases and lots of money- that went to other states for things like ....bridges to islands that no one lives on. He even opposed the Army helping on the border until recently.

Do I know that he has made a defined turn about because he is close to losing a shoe in re election? Yes. Never liked McCain.

At least Obama gives a poo poo about his country. You may feel that health care for the unemployed or barely making it is bad. You may feel that the war is suddenly bad. You may think the entire economy is going down the poo hole---but the reality is I would rather have someone who is willing to follow their beliefs and get us out of this mess than someone standing on the side, wringing their hands and proclaiming "the world is coming to an end"!Seems like the FOX new manifesto.
That is why I like Jerry Moran and Obama. They are polar opposite in ideas- but they are willing to work and stick to it.
Personally, I would rather DO out of the war zone. That alone would save us a TON of money and lives! That is one promise I hope Obama keeps- although I am not sure that Congress is going to let him. The head of the Republican party is right- Afghanistan has never been occupied. Just move the troops (those of whom left) home!

Elena said...

Just so I am clear - you don't ascribe any of the fault for the state of the economy on the current administration?

Janette said...

You deal with the hand you are dealt. I don't agree with the current state of affairs. I think we needed to be OUT of Afghanistan a LONG time ago. I think we need to actually pass health legislation that cares for actual people- and not the insurance companies. I am disappointed that the democrats in congress don't get it. I am equally sorry that the Republicans don't get it either.
I was disappointed in Bush (voted for him)when he got lead into a war that conservatives running things talked him into. I am disturbed that people still worship at the Greenspan altar- the man I feel really put us in this financial mess. I am disappointed that Obama is not able to control Pelosi and Reed- very disappointed. But, I am SURE that McCain would have run us further into the ground.
Sure, there is plenty of blame to pass around. MY point was that it is time to stop whining about it and get going. I guess you missed the point. I look forward to YOU taking back the congress and white house- and look forward to a change...what will THAT look like?

Janette said...

Pretty chart.
You did not explain WHERE the spending was.
Again- the war.
But then I hear about war a great deal more than the average person.
Yes there is some in our own economy- half spent stimulus and poorly prepared communities (like my own that built a million dollar round about into town).

Might want to check out some of war costs- like the money we pay villages every day NOT to shoot our soldiers. Or the complaints that we are withdrawing and "where are we supposed to get money now" from said villages.
That doesn't even touch the cost to house, transport and pay the soldiers in our OWN army. Of course if we left Halliburton would go back to oil...hummm.

Janette said...

If you want to continue discussion about something on YOUR blog- open the comments.
You missed the entire point of this post- but that is normal for you!
I am headed for vacation:>)