Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sam's club

My daughter and son in law are moving in
while they transition to their new life.
To be honest, we cannot be more delighted!
I hope to Zumba with my daughter
and play games with the grandchild.
My husband hopes to get our son in law to help him
with the playhouse that is in ill repair.
What has this got to do with Sam's club?
August 6-8th are "free Sam's Club" days.
We have little need for Sam's club.
With only the two of us, we do not buy in bulk.
The commissary is nearby. We rarely stray.
With three more at the table, we could use a bit of bulk buying.
It is off to Sam's Club for some shopping.
Works out well.
My last regular paycheck is in August!


Renee said...

We have found that Sams deals aren't any better than the commissary for the most part.

Janette said...

We haven't been in a long time. Good to know from a mom with a gang!

cath said...

zumba! just googled it - sounds like fun - getting excited for you too!

Anonymous said...

I do not think I would have the coordination to Zumba. Haha! Want to go running with me? ;)

Janette said...

Ahhh- my friend says Zumba is fun and easy...
No running for me- my knees cannot take it!