Monday, August 09, 2010


After many years I have FINALLY found a dentist who works with me instead of simply checking my teeth. It was a treat to finally fix my front tooth. When I was about seven my sister and I were fighting over the space on the top of our dresser. She pushed hard and a metal bank broke the end off of my brand new front tooth.
For years different dentists have noticed. My dentist cousin shaved off a bit of that tooth and the good tooth next to it- to make them "look better". All that did is make them look tiny.
Today I got a cap. It looks...well...normal.
First day of real retirement (school begins for others today) and I am FINALLY getting some old issues fixed.


cath said...

that was a nasty fight - how did we ever share a room? glad that you were able to find someone to fix it :)

Janette said...

Funny- we shared a room, but never really shared our lives until we were over 50!

cath said...

gad - I realize now that my comment might not sound the way I meant it - but, of course, you know what we went through - and, so right you are, that we are now able to share our lives - I love that and love you.