Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paying for hair color

My husband thought it would be good if I let my hair go gray.
Haven't seen my real hair color in about ten years (or more).
Might be dark brownish and gray at this point.
The color auburn is so much more appealing to me.
Two days of substituting a month is worth it:>)
Just not ready to go gray---yet!


Renee said...

Tee hee.... I am so cheap on certain things and hair is one of them. I went natural about 4 yrs ago.. and I have lots of gray

cath said...

Using hair color is a family tradition :) and look how youthful she still looks and is.

I say, let him have his motorcycles and you can have your hair color ;)

Janette said...

Hummmmm- motorcycle gas money does weigh in the same as hair what can I balance the insurance for that machine with?

Cindy said...

Hair coloring is great if you like the color shade you select! Auburn sounds nice to me! I think you should have your hair whatever color you want!

I am not ready to go gray yet either so I use a hair coloring on my hair every 3 to 4 months. The hairdresser who cuts my hair used to color it for me but she finally told me what kind of coloring she used on my hair, where to get it (Sally's) and how to mix it. Mine is a dark blond which is close to my natural color (before the gray started coming in!) I buy it at the Sally's beauty supply store and do it myself now every 3 to 4 months. That saves me quite a bit of money.

Janette said...

I have been thinking of Sally's, Cindy. Since my hair is dark- I have to color it more often. Gray really stands out in dark hair!