Monday, August 02, 2010


Tomorrow I get to vote on either doubling my property tax OR raising the sales tax to 9.95%.
What kind of choice is that?
Our city leaders went back and forth to DC a bazillion times to make sure our fort did not close.
Then the last administration deemed it necessary to sale on post housing to the highest bidders. They are allowed to build as many units as they would like.
Instead of taking that into consideration - our city chose to finance roads to new communities that are over priced and single leveled (no basement in an active tornado area?)
Those votes (along with the ones to make lovely walking paths in front of the water treatment plant and boat storage yard) happened with little notice and even less publicity.
Our city (about 25,000 population on a good day) is now....

Sooooo- I don't get to vote on this issue since it is the CITY people who are going to get hit with the taxes. The county (that would be me) doesn't get a voice because our is going up soooo much less 7 vs 28 Mill levy). I am still soured by the process and the abundant spending on things that are not needed---and then blaming it all on the military. AGGGG!

Let it go bankrupt!

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