Sunday, August 29, 2010

There is this amazing job listed...

on the web tonight.
It is the prep and debrief of 4-6th grade DC students.
They will be touring the monuments and museums.
How many times have I been in each of those museums?
How many students have I taken there virtually?
How many virtual work projects have I formulated?
Hundreds? More than Hundreds?
So tempting.
Do you think I could get dh to move?
I could live my dream and just go for it!
Isn't this EXACTLY what I have been saying for 30 years that I would like to do?


cath said...

Why not? Try it for a semester or a year? He could come visit. You have a small apartment near work. I think you can make it happen.

cath said...

I bought a home without seeing it recently and moved when I was really sick... you can go after your dreams too!

Renee said...

Sounds like a perfect job for you except that it is far from KS.

Cindy said...

This does sound like a perfect job for you! But, like Renee said, it is far from Kansas!

Too bad you don't have Dorothy's red shoes! LOL You could click your heels and just go back and forth between the new job and home!

cgsch said... much do you want this vs. time with your hubby? (if those are the choices?) :)

Janette said...

All good thoughts. The thought here is that we could do a commuter marriage and be close to the grandchild.
He knows the job is as perfect one for me as I did the FAO job for him.
So, clicking the heels- I am applying for the position.I am sort of wondering if my skin color will stop the process from the other end....