Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are the

John Birch society and Tea Party the same thing?
The slant is a tiny different- but the causes are very much the same.

Monday, September 27, 2010

They are home!

It was a good trip for the "boys". I would not have gone on the boat trip or small plane anyway.
Now to see if I can get them to go on a European adventure with me:>)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Waiting for husband

dogs walked
stock market checked with inventory of sale ideas
stew in pot
vacuum /shark is next
I had forgotten how many things need to be done
waiting for my husband after a trip.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Jane Ausitn day

If you ever feel the need to complain about your situation
Sit down and watch Becoming Jane.

The "retirement" budget continues

No dips into principle or interest for the first three months of retirement.

Substituting should help the holidays go well. I haven't been paid yet. I think my first
paycheck is the second week in October for the four days I worked in August. No wonder this district is short on substitutes, our pay is held captive!

Scott returns from a trip with our son. He used his allowance:>) My allowance is sparse from a summer of traveling East. I am thinking we will really need to look at the travel allowance. It is definitely the area that needs the most work.

Being on a "fixed" income has helped me to really evaluate bills.
By evaluating them, I have also looked for local sources. I found the man who removed our trash before Waste Management took over. He now runs an independent truck. He is less expensive AND local.

The farmers market store is a different story. They are more expensive, but
their fruit taste like real food. It is worth the extra expense. Our regular food budget is evening out- about what it was before. The strange thing is we are actually eating out less! Scott says the extra in that envelope will help with ...travel food!

I am amazed at how little gas we use. I am moving part of the gasoline budget to ....travel:>) Are we hearing a theme here?

Our electricity use has gone down. I am thinking with us home we open the windows more or don't open the doors excessively when it is hot. Don't worry, I am not moving that money. I hear that our local company may double (yes, double) our rates because of the huge deficit they created by over building. Time will tell.

The largest discussion is which envelope to raid when purchasing things for the house. We have "repairs" and "house things". I always paid the technicians out of "repairs". Scott sees a tool to fix a window as a repair. Doesn't really matter since we will continue to do both things. Juts trying to keep the budget columns straight in my mind.

Clothing is a bit of a bug as well. I am a t shirt under a jacket kind of substitute. I like bright colors. I have decided that a part of my sub pay will be used to buy those t shirts as they fade. Clothing envelope needs to be there for jeans and shoes not "professional" clothes (since professional is not what we do right now).

Scott is in heaven. His first piece of woodworking is almost done and is amazing. I am thinking we will need to supplement his woodworking envelope. I predict that he will do most
of his work for our kids- so selling will slip to the outside. I am actually OK with that. I like that a piece of him (us) will live on in the families for a long time. I can hear, "See that Nicholas? Great grandpapa Scott made that for your granddad."
The piece you see here was made by my great uncle for my grandmother. He was also a retired military man, on a farm, in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Public or private?

School that is.
It is difficult to believe that a lower priced
Catholic school charges $5500 a year.
Normal price is $7000.- 14000.
I would love for our grandson
to attend Catholic School
if he is not homeschooled.
$100000 for elementary and high school
and that doesn't count the fund raising?

Looking forward

The news is that the republican side of the house has some ideas. I know my congressman has come up with some good ones- but the party has not supported him.
When they are in the driver's seat in January- they need to put up or get out as well.
I've voted third party several times.
My congressman and senator will both be new (somewhat- my congressman will most like BE my senator). Looking forward to midwestern values hitting the floor!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am missing my dad today.
It hits suddenly, the thought that he is no longer here.
My dad was an excellent debater.
He was brought up in the conservative Jesuit style of debate.
Listen, rebut, put forth information, listen
This is not how he raised the family.
His word was law in the family
But I saw him in so many other ways

He was a staunchly unabashed capitalist
If you worked for him- he expected you to put in the time and then some
Family often saw him as unyielding
But his people worked for him for many years-
a loyalty that was there till the end.

The other side of dad was the intellectual debater
when he spoke to the Rabbi next door
about the existence of a Christian God
There was compassion, and fervor.
I wish my son in law could have met him.
His convictions on Christianity were so strong,
I know he could have gotten my son in law
through baptism in a short period of time.

There is no civility in debate anymore
Name calling, being hideous to each other is the norm
There are no mixtures of kindness with ideas
My dad, the stanch Republican
The John Birch society member
helped found
A boy's ranch
A food bank
An orphanage
He was a Christian in words and deeds-
yet his deeds went unnoticed by his family
and his words were often left to the side.
Only in the end did he learn to soften his words
to bring people to the Lord.

I miss my path, my example.
I don't do well with the examples left for us today
one side---or the other.

Dad with mom and my children. He suffered a long and painful death.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Third grade today

After a bit of conversation about whistling being inappropriate in class- the time flew by.
Third grade boys are characters.
Just give them attention and they will work to live up to expectations.
Fortunately, I have high expectations.
Another bit of cash for Christmas travel
or maybe Christmas stay home
or maybe ---- heck I am 52 and STILL I don't know what is going on for Christmas!!!!

My sister got home from Turkey and Greece.
I am a bit green- never been to Turkey.
Maybe next year... or the year after!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little friend

Sister's idea

How about merging the Smithsonian project
With local artist and the military museum on post?


Have I told you I have an "ideas" sister in my family?

Missing him

I am usually the one who travels.
Today I took the dogs for the walk alone.
Pretty quiet.
Maybe moving would not be such a good idea...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We walk at the lake every morning

The water keeps me grounded in Kansas.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hobby? What is that?

My husband asked me this morning
on our daily walk
When I was going to begin my hobbies.
You know, every retired person has hobbies.
His is wood. Woodworking magazines, pieces of wood,
wood grain, wood tools...just wood.
I thought mine was quilting
I like the feel of fabric
The whirl of the sewing machine
Then it came to me today
As I was chatting from a student from last year
My hobby is museums
I love them
Art museums are the best

I could sit with a piece of art for hours
Getting lost in the colors and shapes and shapelessness of it all.
I am afraid that I will not be happy until I have the opportunity
To just sit and gaze for long periods of time
Maybe it was because
My Grandfather collected wonderful art
and the collection always gave a sense of serenity.
I don't know
But it is my official hobby now!
The question is- how to satisfy that hobby
In Kansas.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Change is in the air

Can you feel it?
It whistles by your ear,
and hangs on the line near your house.
Wondering what the change may bring
What will become of it?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teaching about each other.

I once thought that teaching children about ancient cultures was the idea that all cultures were and are important. Now I think it is important because all cultures meet here- in the USA.
We have to learn where we all come from in order to enjoy our pasts and celebrate our future.
The Americas and Australia are so unique in that aspect.
Most countries only see new immigrants as visitors.
We have come to embrace them and move forward with them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 11th

The students in sixth grade last year were barely walking
on September 11th, 2001.
I worked hard to find a good documentary
to give them a sense of what happened.
What happened?
We had been back from Saudi for
what seemed to be such a short time.
The bombing that we lived through seemed so close,
and yet untouchable as we hid away
in our mountain cabin home.
I had been walking with a good friend that morning
Getting home for the morning news
while I showered and changed for the drive to school.
Flipping on the TV to watch film of the first plane hit
- with the immediate speculation that
it was a commuter jet that had gone off course.
An accident.
I woke my daughter and called my friend
I knew it was not an accident.
All my memories came into play.
The smell of dust and fire
Bleeding people
children calling for parents
it was so close again.
Then the second plane hit.
I screamed "I knew it!"
Going to school was part of the adrenaline
as coming home from school
had been six years before.

How do you explain that to children?
You want them to believe that
all is right with the world.

There are good people

There are bad people

We simply have to assume the good in all
or else we could become
part of the bad.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fall begins

Tomorrow I will be subbing at my old school.
Back to back with a good neighbor.

Barn is slowly being cleaned out.

Budget is back on track after a hiatus during the summer.

It is a long wait until the 17th to see if I even made it through the first cut of the DC position.
Want to see it? Google LiveItLearnIt.

Life, in general, is good.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Trying to find a niche

It is tough to find a good niche to be in.
Local Catholic school- seems to be a bust.
Substituting- the new procedure to get a position is so difficult,
I am thinking "not for me".
The food bank on Monday - the paper said they need help.
A USO opened on post-near the arts and crafts shop.
That sounds like a possibility.
Jen and Nicholas may be heading this way
when Ryan goes for his job.
Wonder if we could have them around a lot?

Have you tried fitday.com?
It is GREAT!
Sitting around doing little....not my style.
Starting to swim next week.
One thing I can say-
my blood pressure and weight did not
miss the beginning of the school year!
Ten off and working on the rest.
By next birthday I hope to be a reasonable size-
to purchase a modern wardrobe!
Maybe that is what this niche is all
about after all.
A place, a time, to simply relax and reduce.
if that DC job comes through
I would jump on it!