Friday, September 17, 2010

Hobby? What is that?

My husband asked me this morning
on our daily walk
When I was going to begin my hobbies.
You know, every retired person has hobbies.
His is wood. Woodworking magazines, pieces of wood,
wood grain, wood tools...just wood.
I thought mine was quilting
I like the feel of fabric
The whirl of the sewing machine
Then it came to me today
As I was chatting from a student from last year
My hobby is museums
I love them
Art museums are the best

I could sit with a piece of art for hours
Getting lost in the colors and shapes and shapelessness of it all.
I am afraid that I will not be happy until I have the opportunity
To just sit and gaze for long periods of time
Maybe it was because
My Grandfather collected wonderful art
and the collection always gave a sense of serenity.
I don't know
But it is my official hobby now!
The question is- how to satisfy that hobby
In Kansas.


cath said...

Start a museum there? ...or find a spot for traveling shows and bring the art to you.

Set up tours for children to art museums. Find grants to pay for your time and their transportation.

cath said...

I think of it more like a second career. Now I can do anything I want that I could not do when I had to make money doing it. I can always quit and go another route... no pressure, just follow my muse.

Teresa said...

Museums have alot of online stuff now. Maybe you can start there.......Get a new HD computer monitor and off you go!

cgsch said...

Welllll, there ARE lots & lots of museums in Kansas, but somehow I don't think they are what you have in mind! ;)