Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am missing my dad today.
It hits suddenly, the thought that he is no longer here.
My dad was an excellent debater.
He was brought up in the conservative Jesuit style of debate.
Listen, rebut, put forth information, listen
This is not how he raised the family.
His word was law in the family
But I saw him in so many other ways

He was a staunchly unabashed capitalist
If you worked for him- he expected you to put in the time and then some
Family often saw him as unyielding
But his people worked for him for many years-
a loyalty that was there till the end.

The other side of dad was the intellectual debater
when he spoke to the Rabbi next door
about the existence of a Christian God
There was compassion, and fervor.
I wish my son in law could have met him.
His convictions on Christianity were so strong,
I know he could have gotten my son in law
through baptism in a short period of time.

There is no civility in debate anymore
Name calling, being hideous to each other is the norm
There are no mixtures of kindness with ideas
My dad, the stanch Republican
The John Birch society member
helped found
A boy's ranch
A food bank
An orphanage
He was a Christian in words and deeds-
yet his deeds went unnoticed by his family
and his words were often left to the side.
Only in the end did he learn to soften his words
to bring people to the Lord.

I miss my path, my example.
I don't do well with the examples left for us today
one side---or the other.

Dad with mom and my children. He suffered a long and painful death.

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