Thursday, September 23, 2010

Public or private?

School that is.
It is difficult to believe that a lower priced
Catholic school charges $5500 a year.
Normal price is $7000.- 14000.
I would love for our grandson
to attend Catholic School
if he is not homeschooled.
$100000 for elementary and high school
and that doesn't count the fund raising?


RAnn said...

That's higher than here. Elem. on average is $3500-$4000 for parishioners, and $300-500 more for non. High school is about $7,000.

Renee said...

K-8 is $3960 for one child (plus uniforms, etc)
High school is $6900 (which includes bks and lab fees)....

my alma mater in CT is now charging $9500 for tuition.

If mom wants to go to work, then Catholic school could happen...but if mom wants to stay home then forget it....
it would cost us over $20K to send our four kids to Catholic schools in AL... and I would not be able to work as there are no buses