Saturday, September 25, 2010

The "retirement" budget continues

No dips into principle or interest for the first three months of retirement.

Substituting should help the holidays go well. I haven't been paid yet. I think my first
paycheck is the second week in October for the four days I worked in August. No wonder this district is short on substitutes, our pay is held captive!

Scott returns from a trip with our son. He used his allowance:>) My allowance is sparse from a summer of traveling East. I am thinking we will really need to look at the travel allowance. It is definitely the area that needs the most work.

Being on a "fixed" income has helped me to really evaluate bills.
By evaluating them, I have also looked for local sources. I found the man who removed our trash before Waste Management took over. He now runs an independent truck. He is less expensive AND local.

The farmers market store is a different story. They are more expensive, but
their fruit taste like real food. It is worth the extra expense. Our regular food budget is evening out- about what it was before. The strange thing is we are actually eating out less! Scott says the extra in that envelope will help with food!

I am amazed at how little gas we use. I am moving part of the gasoline budget to>) Are we hearing a theme here?

Our electricity use has gone down. I am thinking with us home we open the windows more or don't open the doors excessively when it is hot. Don't worry, I am not moving that money. I hear that our local company may double (yes, double) our rates because of the huge deficit they created by over building. Time will tell.

The largest discussion is which envelope to raid when purchasing things for the house. We have "repairs" and "house things". I always paid the technicians out of "repairs". Scott sees a tool to fix a window as a repair. Doesn't really matter since we will continue to do both things. Juts trying to keep the budget columns straight in my mind.

Clothing is a bit of a bug as well. I am a t shirt under a jacket kind of substitute. I like bright colors. I have decided that a part of my sub pay will be used to buy those t shirts as they fade. Clothing envelope needs to be there for jeans and shoes not "professional" clothes (since professional is not what we do right now).

Scott is in heaven. His first piece of woodworking is almost done and is amazing. I am thinking we will need to supplement his woodworking envelope. I predict that he will do most
of his work for our kids- so selling will slip to the outside. I am actually OK with that. I like that a piece of him (us) will live on in the families for a long time. I can hear, "See that Nicholas? Great grandpapa Scott made that for your granddad."
The piece you see here was made by my great uncle for my grandmother. He was also a retired military man, on a farm, in the middle of nowhere.


Renee said...

can't wait to see Scott's work

cath said...

You are doing great! And you are actually starting to sound like you are relaxing :)

I think you are starting to figure out this 'retirement' phase.