Friday, September 03, 2010

Trying to find a niche

It is tough to find a good niche to be in.
Local Catholic school- seems to be a bust.
Substituting- the new procedure to get a position is so difficult,
I am thinking "not for me".
The food bank on Monday - the paper said they need help.
A USO opened on post-near the arts and crafts shop.
That sounds like a possibility.
Jen and Nicholas may be heading this way
when Ryan goes for his job.
Wonder if we could have them around a lot?

Have you tried
It is GREAT!
Sitting around doing little....not my style.
Starting to swim next week.
One thing I can say-
my blood pressure and weight did not
miss the beginning of the school year!
Ten off and working on the rest.
By next birthday I hope to be a reasonable size-
to purchase a modern wardrobe!
Maybe that is what this niche is all
about after all.
A place, a time, to simply relax and reduce.
if that DC job comes through
I would jump on it!

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Renee said...

We've been here 2 yrs and I finally have my niche and it's not what I expected since it's not church or even remotely related... I volunteer at our theater group office on Friday afternoons and I am training to be house manager