Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheapest detergent

Before I get to the point, a commercial for fall roses.
Has anyone noticed that the price of laundry detergent
is out of control?
They package it for those new machines.
I wonder how many of those new machines there actually are?
My goal is always to purchase the one that costs the least.
I head to the commissary with coupons and shop.
A variety sits in the laundry room for use.
They are bleed to the end
and then my husband uses the containers
for target practice.
Recently I purchased CHEER
The smell drives me crazy.
Hope my children like it since it will be
the only one available when they visit -tee hee.
As for dryer sheets
I don't use them...
Life in the wilderness of central Kansas
continues to be good!

BTW- if you paid to understand your debt
you might check out where some of your money might have gone to.
Here is Dave Ramsey's new house.
Let's not let the country raise the taxes on this
man who make a bit more than $250,000 a year.
He needs that money to clean the house!
OK- political commentary
before my trip to DC on Wednesday


Renee said...

I use the cheapest laundry detergent (although I do look for HE since we have a front loading washer). I no longer use dryer sheets - only occasionally do I get static

RAnn said...

The trick is to read the directions and not use more detergent than called for--and most do call for less than they once did. I don't use dryer sheets, they make me itch,and static isn't a problem for us.

As far as raising taxes on the rich, well, every dollar more they make is another dollar taxed at the top rate.

Elena said...

I love Dave Ramsey. No mortgage is recorded with the property so he apparently paid cash for it - Well Done! I applaud success. Just think of all the people he helped and employed through his empire - impressive!

Janette said...

I, too, enjoy Dave Ramsey. I wish he gave Ron Blue more credit.
Really, I don't care that he has a beautiful house. I have a beautiful house as well by following the same principles he did.
I didn't mind paying taxes as well. I just used it (cheap shot I know) to spring board into "raising taxes from 35% to 39% shouldn't really hurt too much:>)" Heck, as a small business owner- my parents- after deductions- paid far less on the money they made than we did since we could not deduct things... Heck the highest tax rate from the years 41- 63 was @80%.That is when my grandfather built a highly successful small business. It only came down under 39% in 1987
I still cannot get my mind to bend around all of those deductions that small businesses get to begin with. I guess small business has the same issue with government pensions.