Friday, October 15, 2010

Count down of best things about retirement

5. You get to stay up late and sleep in. Of course that only happens if the dogs also sleep in. It does happen...well it doesn't happen. I stay up late anyway. Then I take a nap about 10 am!

4. You get to read, plan and go on the internet when ever you want. Don't ask if my quilt is done- it is still in the planning phase.

3. You can wear a mumu all day. Ah- if I cannot be there I can wear there.
2. You can take the dogs for a walk after the frost is off the grass. Did you know I live less than a mile from a lake. You probably don't because I never really got there until we retired.

And the number one thing I like so far about retirement? I can talk to members of my family when they have time and I have time. It is wonderful.

I think I am getting the hang of this retirement thing.


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cgsch said...

LOVE IT!!!! :) :) The mumu pic made me laugh--I so enjoy days when I can be home & just stay in lounge clothes all day.