Friday, October 29, 2010

A day in history

Traveling to Mt Vernon today
once again makes me
happy to live in this simple time.

I do not have to cook in a house
outside so that the main house
does not burn down.
I can travel to see my children
without worry of mud or cold
trapping my wagon wheels.
I am able to invest in many companies
who invest in making life better all
over the world.
I am able to listen to any style of music
by a simple wander through the itunes
section of my computer.
I can communicate with friends
far and wide.
It does not take days or years.
Our country has come a long
way since the time of
George Washington.
We journey forward
It is such a pleasant thing to
journey with the next


Anonymous said...

lovely - c

Renee said...

thanks for your deep thoughts