Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall rains

Living in many places
fall rains were always welcome.
In Hong Kong we would sit out
on our 6x3 foot balcony
out from the 26th floor.
Our building was over 32 stories tall
two apartments on a landing.
That left a very skinny apartment building.
Being three blocks from the South China Sea
our building often swayed in the trade winds.

The rains would come.
Not the pounding rains of summer,
but gentle sprays.
Summer rains never relieved the heat.
The moisture often lingered
in the trees and endless plants.
The soil was mossy and the heat seemed
to hold all moisture to the ground.
We knew a fall rain,
for there was no fog that followed
The entire forest seemed to breath a sigh of relief.
The oppression of summer was over
and the joy of cool winter was on the way.
This is where we lived-
Victoria Garden
Pok Fu Lum.
We overlooked a huge Chinese cemetery.
I'll replace this with my own picture
If I can ever find...that box!

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ancient one said...

I've never lived farther away than ten miles from the place I was born. I marvel at all the people that have lived all over the world.