Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is it time to buy curtains?

This is the closest you would probably get to my house
without me knowing you are coming
The living room is exposed.
At night you can see us clearly framed by the windows.
You will have already turned the corner
at the top of the road to get to see in.
The trees in the back go bald with winter
but only the neighbor horses live there.
If you are desperate enough
You may be able to catch me in my undies doing laundry
Why would anyone want that sight?
I put these us when I thought my grandson would sleep in this room
Otherwise the window is bare.
Our bedroom has one piece of draped fabric
Hawaiian print of the blue.
A place I miss tremendously
no longer willing to get on a plane to see.
At least for now.
Winter is coming.
It would be nice to close the curtains and keep in the warmth.
I guess I will go to IKEA while visiting
the big city with my daughter
And see if there is anything
that I could stand
to cover my wonder world.

Is it time?
Should I make this a home with curtains?
Is that what it means to finally understand
I am staying here
For a good long time?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....I had no idea that Kansas had trees!!!

Janette said...

Lots of trees where we live! North Eastern Kansas is a mystery to most of the country. When people think "Kansas" they often think of the flat western part of the state.
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

oh,no - don't cover up that wonderful view!

What a luxury it is to have a view like you do and know that it is private.

I say no to the curtains and yes to beautiful fabrics draped around them like you did in your bedroom... you also have beautiful wooden windows - why cover them up?

A clear and open view is one thing I refuse to give up for energy efficiency. Now, if there was a room that you wanted dark to sleep in, like I do, then I would add curtains. Here the sun is so intense sometime that a light fabric will take off the edge but otherwise I vote 'no' :)

ancient one said...

Nothing is private at my house. I have blinds up that we close at night. If I could, I'd have nothing over my windows.

Renee said...

curtains? are we supposed to have those? been here over 2 yrs and still have none in the LR, DR, breakfast nook nor library.... guess I should think about it.. but I do have blinds so that makes it easier to delay

Janette said...

No blinds here either. Target has winter curtains on sale. Maybe that is the key- purchase winter curtains for the rooms we do not use in the winter (dining, sun, guest room) and take them down in the summer. The poles are already there....

Anonymous said...

"...winter curtains for the rooms we do not use in the winter..." - good idea... if you don't use the rooms why not close them off and conserve the energy by putting up the curtains?