Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking in to consideration

One thing we use quite a bit is our television.
Really it simply fills the air with noise.
When our children were young we did not get cable.
I have started to track what we watch.
1)CNBC- Squawk Box, Mad Money and Susie
In reality I can get Mad Money on line, watch the market on my dashboard and Susie has become a therapist instead of a guru as of late.
2) NCIS, NCIS LA, Ordinary Family
All available on Hulu
3) Reruns of Boston Legal and Fraiser
Available in box sets
4) House hunters international
OK- that is a human interest thing...I could live without.
5) Sell this House
I am becoming convinced that if I ever bought any of these houses I would be insane. I have to admit that the painting and plants at our last house did sell it fast. Since we are not moving in the near future- this is a waste as well.
That would be it.
So, why, exactly, are we paying $65 a month for this stuff? We don't get anything by antenna- so we would lose it all if we cut the cord.
Decisions, decisions....

Have you cut the cable?


Renee said...

No I have not cut the cable.. but I did go looking for cheaper options (which may not be available in rural areas)... instead of paying $85 for satellite tv (only option when we moved in).. I know pay $80 for cable tv AND internet AND phone (including unlimited long distance)

RAnn said...

WE don't have cable--and as you've noted, the internet offers plenty of viewing for my poor deprived kids. However, we do get a lot of over-the-air channels.

cgsch said...

What's cable?!? ;>)

Janette said...

OK- so it should not be a big deal....
The thought of withdrawal is becoming real. Hey, if I can withdraw from teaching- TV ought to be a piece of cake!