Monday, October 18, 2010

What it means to be a Christian part 2

I have been deeply thinking about this question for a long time- Spending many days in the sun and finally being able to think. One of the parts of my Christian journey I have missed for a very long time is contemplative solitude. How does one know what God desires if I am always talking and never listening?

I have been quite angry over the actions of others- relating their actions under the mantle of Christianity. The problem is they are simply a very small cog in a wheel- as am I. Only at the time of death will we discover if we are truly the cog near the center or the wheel cover. We are all a part-but some are closer to the truth than others. So is my anger over their interpretation really what God calls me to?

I am acutely aware that my drive is centered around social justice. What does that look like in today's society? I also know some people who made great changes around them started when they were older....

So...even if the change is only for me and my house- it is time to get back to figuring out what the Lord's plan is. Listening, reading will be woven back into my day. God provides.

Several hours later I found this blog from Ruth's blog. Wow- this woman is walking the walk.

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