Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why should it matter to you?

No Social Security increase next year.
The overall economy has not grown does not mean that the areas that seniors pay the most for is flat.

Health care. Co pays for seniors are not expected to stabilize until 2014. Care centers or caring for seniors at home was not included in the health care bill. Those continue in price as the supply and demand slips further from each other.

Food. Our bill has gone up about $25 a month in the last four months. Not much, but we are very stable on what we purchase. We are also noting that coupons are not as good for the things we actually need. Produce is on the rise and corn is supposed to top out this year. Con Agra just announced that they will be sending on between 5-15% increase in all of their commodities. Staples are going crazy. Add to that the taxes in the area rising to pay for the overspending of the previous ten years.

Gasoline. I live in a rural area. It is far less to live here than in the city, but a major drawback is that one has to drive to get to the store. Cost of gas continues to rise. I am betting we will see $3.00 a gallon again by the end of the year. We don't use much gas, but it is in the budget.

Electric. One of the small electric co ops in the area was just purchased by a large conglomerate. They have informed the towns to expect their electric bills to double beginning November 1st. I am wondering how long it will be before all of the rural electrics are sold off. BTW- this deal was put in place under the Bush administration.

Big deal- housing has gone down. Has no one noticed that this issue does not affect most senior citizens? Rents have not changed for the smaller places. If you own your home- there is no difference.

This doesn't effect me much. Just like health care- I am covered. We have saved carefully. We have done the math and with our land we should be fine. My mother has saved as well. My husband's parents have passed. My son is well educated and my daughter's family can always farm.

Why should it matter to you? Most of the people who read this are Christians. Christians care for the poor. Many of you live in places where a Social Security check is the only income- whether you agree with that or not.

Is should matter. My question is - why doesn't it?


RAnn said...

So, what should be done about it? Should we raise SS checks, even though the system is going to run out of money soon, even at current rates? Should we raise taxes, taking money out of the hands of those who earned it--and in doing so creating even more people who will need to depend on SS? Should we lower taxes and government regulations to stimulate businesses, which will hopefully hire more people, and be in a position to give more to charity? Just because people don't see more government as the answer to poverty doesn't mean they don't care about the poor.

Janette said...

Charity has dropped significantly. If you read the non Christian blogs- there is an entire generation who struggles with the idea that they owe anyone anything.

It would be different if this were a program that the elderly did not pay into in order to get out of.

If you want less government- the better way to go is taking widows and orphans off of the program---and people who never worked (that would be housewives). Then you can say they never put in so they shouldn't get out. That would be Christian? Do you think you could float that one? Why should they get anything from the government? Let them go to charitiy.

Let the illegals become legal- give them a SS number and let them pay in. Their higher birth rate will stabilize the system. The system is NOT broke -btw- it is simply going to be using the reserves- that have been borrowed for many years. The law makers (and FOX news) would like you to think that it is broke so they don't have to pay it back- but it isn't.

If you read the actual SS website- it explains that.

Personally, I think if you do not see government a part of this solution I DO question commitment to the poor. We are the government- so we need to care.

cgsch said...

"God gives the world enough of what it needs. He just doesn’t distribute it.”

I guess that would be our job...

Janette said...

Beautiful blog Christina.

I look forward to supporting your daughter on her missions. It will be one of my joys as I grow older. I know she will know how to distribute.