Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wisdom from the past

We used to watch several news shows. They are all still on the air- Meet the Press, Wall Street Week and others. Unfortunately, the excellent journalists have passed and the new people are followers, not researcher/journalists. Blogs have become my medium of news.

While looking at Hope to Prosper I read again about John Templeton. The Huffington Post published one of his "predictions" letters before he died. It is well worth reading.
He predicted the shifting of debt from highly leveraged individuals to the country.
He stated that in the past cash was king- in the future you need to hitch yourself to global companies.

He predicts that most education will be delivered electronically in thirty years. El may be on to something I just don't see because I was brought up to believe face to face was best. Maybe this next generation just needs a different type of interaction....
University of Phoenix won't be the way- it is as expensive as private university. Instead maybe the bricks and mortar will move to professors at home on the net. That is how I am getting my masters (and actually feel like I am learning more than I did in a seat with a lecture)>

I once carried some Templeton mutual funds. We got out when Templeton did. It was the wisest moves we have ever made.

What do you get out of his predictions?

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