Friday, November 19, 2010

Always check to see what is going OUT of fashion

Those who REALLY know me, know that I do not know the first thing about fashion. In general I can be found purchasing something just as it is leaving the fashion show room.
Wha La!
Two days ago I found this purse (no my dear sister- it is not even close to leather).
I want a purse for the training I am traveling to. The one I carry is tiny. My little angel said, "Look at those big purses! They are SO in fashion!" This purse was lonely at the bottom of a heap. The first price was well out of how much I have ever spent for a purse (Ok- so I have never spent over $80. on a purse- you got me there).
My fashion angel has often lead me to such deals. She must get a good chuckle when it goes out of fashion the next month.
This purse suddenly became a need instead of a want.
The purse had been marked down. And marked again. "Reasonable for a travel essential", my brain processed. It is enough for some books and a laptop ( seeing my other sister cringe that I would consider FILLING the purse).
Good shoulder fit. And, I might look semi fashionable, while trying hard to look professional, at the set of meetings.
I got to the register- it was "50% off the last price hour"- lol. I got it for... well, I am not going to tell you since it was almost embarrassing to watch the check out lady's eyes get so wide. She checked the tag three times.
Madame huge, clunky, black, "fashionable" purse will make the three trips this December, and maybe the 30 trips to schools from Jan- March. Then, I promise, it will be sent to the Good Will because I know it will be terribly out of fashion by then!
Now if I could just get her from bugging me about my tiny sun glasses....


Renee said...

What training are you doing and why 30 trips to schools?
inquiring minds want to know :)

Janette said...

You ought to check this out next year...
I am an administrator for the National Assessment of Educational Progress. It is run by The job number is 3260BR.
We go into schools from Jan- Mar and give a 90 minute exam in either Math or Reading. It pays about $14 an hour (depending on your location). I am traveling seven Kansas counties. Those who live in major cities would more likely just work in their city. They want people who have taught with a degree:>)
Part time, easy, over by the end of winter.