Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday.

Some people poo poo Black Friday as a day of gluttony.
Not me.
It is a win win for the retailer and me.
The checkout clerk this morning said she was getting overtime
She was thrilled with that.
The managers are happy to see people shopping again.
Our family will get some things that we need,
and even some things that we want,
at a much better price than normally priced.

This year Walmart was on line!
A good thing, I hear their lines were around the building.
The PX was under control of the MP's
(as if military people don't know how to do a line).

There is nothing wrong with shopping on a sale days.
The chat in the lines was fun
Between the moms getting things for their babies
and the soldiers getting the latest camera
It is all fun- on a budget!


Bob said...

My wife left the house early this morning while it was still dark and cold. You wouldn't catch me in the mayhem of Black Friday but she enjoys it. She is also very careful to stay within budget.

I'm here blogging and cleaning up after a great Thanksgiving dinner. I prefer my choice.

Ralph said...

My son had to get to work at 3:00 on Black Friday. He wasn't happy. I used to be very negative about stores being open on holidays and all night on Black Friday. It's because I never worked retail. Stores do it because they make money. They don't have a choice.

Janette said...

Thanks for stopping by Ralph!
Does your son get overtime? Our Walmart is 24 hours. I wonder how workers feel about Black Friday.
I have to admit- I purchase things on Black Friday that I would not buy any other time of the year. It brings me into stores. Yesterday I ended up with as many essential things that were on sale as were not on sale.