Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let the wood work begin

My husband has asked for wood work tools every Christmas and Birthday since we were married. There has not been much variation on the theme. The first project was finished and shipped to our son.
Yesterday we traveled about two
hours to make the first major purchase for "the rest
of his life".
White oak.
It is beautiful!
He is going to make all of the upstairs doors into solid wood. The lumberman chuckled," You'd better have ball bearing hinges. Those babies are going to weigh a ton."

So, the line is forming.
Inside doors,
table for our daughter,
bedstead for my sister,
desk for our son.
Good thing they are buying the wood. This is one habit that will be difficult to fit into our everyday "needs".
Even if it is a bit of a budget buster the look on my husband's face when he touches the wood is...priceless!

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Kimberly said...

Please post pictures of his completed projects! I love handmade wood things!