Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Planes, Cars and Ice

Flying was not so bad.
Our tiny TSA was comfortable and chatty.
The turkey baster made it through.
The plane was packed-
Meaning two open seats on a large plane.

The rental car counter has become the hardest sale place
that I have been on the recieving end for years.
Enterprise- ow! There must have been ten items,
"you really should buy this coverage".
"No!" It was worse than buying an new car.
Finally we got to "choose" our car.
Personally, just give me the keys and let me go!

The roads in the Tacoma area are icey
People are not used to driving on them.
Some whizzed by at 70-
just to find them spinning a few miles down the road.
I am an Arizona girl
so my Idaho hubby did the driving:>)
I am sure the drivers appreciated that.

Being with our son for Thanksgiving is special.
We miss our daughter's family terribly.
We are thankful for all of our family as they
celebrate Thanksgiving all across our Country.

Life is good!


Kimberly said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jeannette! Cannot wait to hear how many actually show up for your meal. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend it.

Janette said...

Thanks Kimberly! Can you get a turkey for a feast there?
It is cold and snowy in Tacoma- reminds me of Germany in January!