Thursday, November 11, 2010

Read the findings for yourself

Yesterday and today the news was filled with one minute takes on the "debt commission". Looking for the entire report was almost useless. The New York Times put out this. It is the slide show of what the co-chairmen put together.

First glance to me, pretty scary. Our health care and my husband's retirement pay are seriously in question. BUT, I would be willing to give in those areas for a flatter tax and some of the cuts for second homes/crazy business cuts. Why should anyone be able to write off their car and gas for work? (Or, to put it in my world: Why should I pay for your car if you don't pay for mine?)
The US needs to seriously stabilize. The Social Security piece also looks do able. Personally, I would LOVE to see the "survivor benefits" for children go away- and most of the disability benefits as well. Harsh, yes, but they didn't pay in- so why should they get anything?

My surprise- why are they not cutting the Department of Education? What a waste. Education SHOULD be local. I can see some subsidy for the low income areas- but the department itself is a waste of money.

BTW- vesting retirement for military at ten years- great for the service member. Will we have much of a military if that happens- probably not. If you have been in that long you can make far more in corporate America.

What areas of government do you, personally, have actual knowledge of? What could be cut from it? What part of government are you willing to cut (that will affect your quality of life) in order to balance the budget?

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Renee said...

If dh could have gotten retirement $$$ from the Army for only 10 yrs, we would have left when he got passed over. There was a job waiting for him in FL and we wouldn't have had to move... that would be foolish on the part of the military... we stayed because we were too close to retirement to throw it away...