Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remember Glenn Beck is LDS

My LDS family is kind and generous. One thing that I always have to remember is that their religion depends on preparing for the time and place of the end of the world. They have a large food storage and recently added a 72 hour disaster bag. We do have a food storage of sorts. It was well used when we were iced into our house for a week!

Glenn Beck exemplifies "being prepared" when he predicts the price of bread at $24 a loaf sometime soon. Yes the price of corn has doubled- but it was a banner year for corn in the midwest. Russia lost their crop.
Being in Kansas- my thoughts are that we will find other ways to eat (probably healthier ways) if that comes to pass.
Our family journeyed through some tough times- and we survived. Part of that type of survival is why we are in Kansas on 17 acres ;>)

My faith reminds me to keep my soul as clean as I can. Being prepared for the end is a matter of constant vigil of my moral self. My end may be today even if the world end isn't for millions of years. Looking around at how to make the world a better place is part of my faith- not fear that my own style of living will end tomorrow.

My days of wondering if Glenn is right are pretty much over. I don't buy gold. (Did you know Rush and Glenn both have large shares of gold companies they advertise?) If the end comes and my soul is not ready- what is the purpose?

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ancient one said...

Learn something new everyday...(I didn't know that Glenn Beck is LDS) I like having a well stocked pantry. Not that I'm LDS... just a survivor of Hurricane Floyd in 1999... I was saving for Y2K (that didn't happen) and was well prepared for Hurricane Floyd (that I didn't know was coming)...see how OUR LORD takes care of us...