Sunday, November 21, 2010

We had a little visitor today

Not my picture.
The one we saw was probably full grown. He was resting under the slide, staying out of the rain and scoping out the bunnies.
This is our third sighting.
I think he is making himself (assuming it is male) comfortable for the winter. The spring runs most of the winter and there are plenty of downed trees for dens.

Remind me to wear some jingle bells when I go traipsing across the trail. The winter is the only time it is clear enough to go!


Anonymous said...


I have only seen the eyes of a bobcat here... how special

such a beautiful creature - do the dogs growl? or react to him?


Kimberly said...

You are brave to even consider a romp outdoors. I'd be a real ninny and hibernate!

Janette said...

Once he spotted a rabbit on the move- he moved after it. We have loads of rabbits this year living under the blue spruce (which is now about 25 ft high and 10 feet across at the bottom).

The dogs saw him from the front window. Good thing - since if Sadie were outside she would have chased him. I 'm sure he'd think "lunch!" We are making sure she stays closer to the house these days.

Kimberly, I LOVE winter!