Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving up old friends- the cars edition

When we military moved- we sold. Usually out of "can't take it with you" mode. We also sold my Jeep to a college kid. Black is still worn in memory.
It is coming time to retire my Sebring. Lovely little convertible with less than 75,000 miles- in my world- a mere baby.

Here are the options:
Drive it to Phoenix and offer it to one of my family members for a very good price. What happens if it breaks because of a broken heart shortly after it is sold? Auntie N is the worst person on the earth!

Sell it to a soldier in the spring. The soft top down. This is a great car. Good option. Sadly- next winter it will die a slow death of ice and snow.

Take off the tires, put it in the barn and let it sit. This gets a chuckle from a few- but I can see a fully paid for car being pulled from storage if something happens to our other two vehicles.

Just get over it and sell it in Phoenix. There is a wedding in March. Plans to drive out are in the works anyway.

It is a perfectly good car:<( My frugal self is fighting with my practical self. Cars cost money, another mouth to feed even if it is only for 3,000 miles a year. Is it that- or the actual admission that we simply don't need two cars AND a truck while being retired? AGGGG!

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Ralph said...

75,000 miles is practically new. My SAAB has 200,000 and my wife's Porsche at least 240,000 (the odometer broke).