Saturday, November 27, 2010

When your children grow

What does it mean to be a family?
There are now three families where there was once one.

Understanding family tree didn't really happen until our daughter married. The tree extended and we now have a new son and grandson. Amazing how that works.

With the extension of the tree- there is more looking at the stock. "He looks a lot like Uncle J." "That is exactly what my grandmother used to do"". A real combination of B family and G family- stubborn, know everything and always right!" " Marriage is until death- so you may as well work it out:>)" " Holding babies is so much more important than having a job outside the home!"

Sometimes it is a wonder to me that it has taken so long to really begin to appreciate what we have. Our family is at every stage right now- elderly mom, retired couple, married with a child and single man. The tree continues to grow straight and tall.

Baby N almost three years ago!


Ralph said...

Our parents are dead and our sons aren't married. Thanksgiving we all were together. No grandkids and not a daughter-in-law in sight. It may be just the two of us for the long haul. Enjoy that grandson.

ancient one said...

I love family trees. Mine is really huge. My mother was one of 18 children. I am one of seven children. I had three of my own. They all married and each family had a boy and a girl. All my granddaughters are married. My oldest grandson is married and they have my first great grandson. I got to babysit him the day after Thanksgiving while everyone was shopping. I hated to let him go back home.. but they'll be back for Christmas.