Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calling people you do not know

My part time position is hourly.
This beginning part is calling people.
I don't know any of these people.
They are under the threat of losing some funding if they do not comply.
This is Kansas and I am given every courtesy.

There is an anticipatory edge on most voices.
One more test for their students to take.
More papers to fill out.
It is an extra burden on schools who already struggle to keep
the students' attention
so they are not deemed, "School of Failure".

Traveling to the Nebraska border will be a feat in the dead of winter.
The roads are chilly at five am.
One callee already told me she would call if the roads are too bad.
It is Kansas, and people are kind here.

Kids are even chillier when you are laying an exam in front of them
and then announcing the results
will not be given to the school or the district.
"Do as well as you can."

Still, there is something quite good about seeing how
the width of the population tests in six weeks.
Some schools will encourage their homeschoolers to sit the exam.
Others will bring in the local private schools.
Being a part is....interesting.

Calling someone I do not know....
Do able, but no longer
a favorite part of my life.
A part time "retired position".
One never knows whose life will be touched
if I am careful and watch what I am doing.


Renee said...

They are under the threat of losing some funding if they do not comply.....

so are some systems trying to boost their scores by bringing in homeschoolers and private school students? Being here in AL, where there is a definite separation I don't understand the sense behind this....

Janette said...

Not at all.
They only lose their funding if they are unavailable. Public School HAS to give the test. No one else does. Not all public schools are selected. Not all students in a selected school are tested. It is a sampling of the nation.

The bringing in of homeschoolers and private schools is to get a more accurate measure of 4th & 8th graders on whole. This test is NOT about individual schools, districts or even states. It is about where we are in education. Wouldn't you agree that it is important to see homeschooling in that report card?
I guess some districts permit homeschoolers to come in for some basic subjects. Very rare- An interesting mix! I doubt that I will see any homeschoolers on my journey and Kansas is pretty open.

ralph@retirement lifestyle said...

So are you just calling or do you have to actually give the tests? For a job it doesn't sound so bad to me.